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JustDucks is under new management. Richard and Debbie, Lester and Karen are the new proud owners. We would like to thank David and Carole for entrusting us with this fabulous company that they have so carefully nurtured for over ten years. We wish them a very happy and well-earned retirement and good luck with whatever new adventures come their way!

We are excited to be the new owners and would like to reassure customers old and new that we will do everything we can to maintain the high standards of personal care and attention that were the signature of David and Carole.
Please bear with us while we learn the ropes. We are longstanding practitioners in the Promotional Industry but may take a moment to get all our ducks in a row! The lines are always open, just tell us what you need!

Sorry! Our deliveries may be a little slow while our ducks settle into their new warehouse! Normal services will be resumed very shortly but in the meantime do tell us if your order is urgent. We won’t let you miss a special occasion!

We are still counting our ducks so some of the stock level indicators may not be accurate. Please call us for stock availability.

Featured on Celebrity Big Brother, Big Brother Australia and supplier to ITV's "This Morning" and Big Brother 7 and Big Brother 8 for Hook-a-Duck and many TV adverts including "Interparcel", "Premier Inns","O2 Top-up" and "Alibaba"

The largest selection of Rubber Ducks in the UK...with over 155,000 ducks in stock!!

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Sam Sparrow Duck

This is the very latest from the Quackers pond. He is of course Sam Sparrow the famous Pirate Duck!

New Ducks in stock!!

plus lots more!!

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Yarto Queen Duck

Latest from the "Yarto pond", this is "Queen" Duck

Click on image

Duck with Sunglasses

New Ducks in.

Please click on images

Good Luck Duck

New Ducks in.

Please click on images


Clay Pidgeon Shooter Duck

New Ducks in.

Please click on images


Boss Duck

New Ducks in.

Please click on images


Beauty Duck

New Ducks in.

Please click on images

Yarto Nelson Duck

Latest from the "Yarto pond", this is "Horatio Nelson" Duck

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HOT News!!

Now in stock!!

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Bud Special Edition Gold Resin Duck with Swarovski Elements

HOT News!! Special Offer only

Justducks has secured the Special Edition BUD Ducks with Swarovski elements!!

Click on these images for more information.

Bud Special Edition Resin Duck with Swarovski Elements

We have a very small number of the Mini Bud Ducks with Bath Bombs or Bubble Bath.

Please click here

HOT News!!

Special offer December only

Special Edition BUD Ducks with Swarovski elements!!

Click on these images for more information.

Bud Special Edition Resin Duck with Swarovski Elements

New 15cm (6") long weighted ducks now in stock

great for Hook-a-Duck

Justducks 12cm Weighted Racing Duck

Weight for Rubber Ducks

This Weight when pushed into the squeaker hole of the rubber duck will make it float upright and stop water entering the duck. They will fit most PVC ducks from 7.5cm long to 10.5cm long

Click on image above


Anna Ducklova

New from the Quackers pond is

this Ballerina Duck

click on image above

Musician Drummer Duck

Musician Ducks in stock, including

Drummer, Horn Player and Cymbols

Bud Bloom Duck Bud Pop Duck Bud ducks back Limited Stock!! Bud Diamond duck Bud Lush Duck

Mini Deluxe Cowboy Duck

Bud Mini "Deluxe Cowboy" Duck

Sorry, Now sold out!!

New Lanco Ducks just in .Please click on images

Lanco Alibaba Duck
Lanco Golfer Duck
Lanco Skiing Duck
Lanco Doctor Duck
Lanco Purple Duck
Lanco Pilot Duck
Lanco Carnival Duck
Lanco Poker Duck

Waiter Duck
Waitress Duck
Cleaning Lady Duck
7cm long
7cm long Silver Duck
Gardner Duck
Valet Duck
Page Boy  Duck

Nurse Duck

Surgeon Duck

Rowboat Duck

New Ducks just in.

Please click on images

Skateboard Duck

Pirate Duck with Hook

Pirate Duck with Eye Patch and Cutlass

Pirate Duck with Hat and Eye Patch

Team GB Cycling Duck
Team GB Rowing Duck
Olympics Team GB Union Flag Duck

Olympics Ducks

All now here!

Olympics Team GB Swimming Duck
Olympics Team GB Gold Duck
Team GB Olympics Tennis Duck Team GB Boxing Duck

Deluxe Bride and Groom ducks in presentation box

This is our brand new pair of Deluxe Bride & Groom Ducks. They are each 8cm long x 8cm and 9cm high respectively. They are presented as a pair in a beautifully decorated acetate box (see left).

Please click on photos to purchase

Deluxe Bride and Groom pair

Duck Tannia

This is Duck Tannia the Queen of ducks - she rules the waves...!

Latest from the "Quackers" pond

Justducks Cricketer Duck

Don't forget our very own Cricketer Duck!!

Graduation Duck

This is our own Graduation Duck new in!

Please click on the image


Duck on a spring

This cute Duck-on-a-Spring

in stock

80mm Weighted Racing Ducks80mm Weighted Racing Ducks

Hook a Duck - Weighted Racing / Pool Ducks in stock they Float Upright All now in stock...

Please click on photos above

Duck Jigsaw

New Toy Duck products including this jigsaw!!

Everton Football Club Duck

Football Club Ducks in stock

Please click on the images

Liverpool Football Club Duck and Face Cloth.
Manchester United Football Club Duck in Black.

Manchester City Football Club Duck

Chelsea Football Club Duck and Face Cloth.
Arsenal Football Club Duck and Face Cloth.

These are our all new 8cm long Deluxe Economy Ducks now in stock.

Perfect for your Duck Race.

JustDucks own Luxury  Economy DucksDeluxe economy pink duck

At Economy Duck that actually looks like a Duck!! Exclusive to JustDucks..

Bud mini Alphabet ducks in stock



Uk orders over £24.99 (before P&P) will still go by courier at no extra cost (except Highlands and islands)

......For Courier details click here.

Hook-a-Duck with a difference????? click here!!

Are you holding a Duck Race or "Hook a Duck"soon?..then let us supply the ducks for you. They are weighted and float upright all of the time. They will not sink or capsize! and are now in stock. Any quantity from 2 upwards (you can buy just 1 if you want, but it won't be a race!!)

Deluxe Economy Plastic Ducks in stock....5 colours to choose from

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