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Bath and Shower

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Water Fountain Queen Duck

This is a great Water Fountain Queen Duck which when placed in water the pump inside the duck is activated and a fountain of water is sqirted from the head of the duck.

At 12cm x 11cm x 10cm this duck is great fun in the bath.

2 x AA batteries required (not supplied)

Just £10.95 each

This great little Duck Nail Brush will help to make cleaning up fun! This little chap is exactly what you need to clean up heavily soiled skin and dirty nails..

Just £1.25 each

Duck Nail Brush

Dipsey Blow bubbles duck


This is Dipsy (Left) the bubble blowing duck...great fun at bath time and beyond. A little Duck full of bubble blowing liquid with a dipper on a yellow cord attached to the screw top . All children, big and small, love bubbles. This duck is 6cm x 4cm x 6cm.

Only £1.25 each


This is a Large and high-quality Swimming Paddle Duck. The mechanism is wound by pulling the cord attached to the tiny duckling. The cord slowly retracts as the feet paddle, propelling duck and baby through the water.

Apr. 15cm long x 11cm tall.

Just £2.55

15cm Swimming Paddle Duck

Small Waterball with ducks

Waterball Ducks. The ball is 7cm Dia. and contains 2 small ducks and some beads floating in water..

Sorry sold out

This Bath Thermometer is 8cm long and when the bath water is too hot (more than 38C) the black oval area changes to yellow and the word "HOT" appears.

Use as a guide only!

There is a suction cup on the back.

Just £2.25 each


Bathtime Duck Thermometer

This great Floating Duck Bath Plug duck is 8cm beak to tail and the plug at 45mm (1.75") diameter fits a standard bath plug hole. Don't loose the plug any more!.

Out of stock

This is a great Duck Bath/Shower Cap with a waterproof lining. This cotton character hat is sure to make bath time fun whilst keeping water splashes off carefully coiffured locks!

Just £4.99each

Bath / Shower Cap

Created by the designer of the Original BUD Deluxe Ducks!!

Duck Soap-on-a-Rope

This fabulous Soap-on-a-Rope Duck weighs 290grams and is a huge 10cm long x 8cm wide x 9.5cm tall and comes in a lovely presentation box.

RRP £7.99

our Price £3.99

Packing Charge applies because of weight.

This Face Flannel starts life compressed into the shape of a cute little duck. When put in water it expands back into a full sized wash cloth!

Just £2.25each

Face Flannel

This Mood Floating Duck Radio will light up your bath time.

Mood Duck Radio

Mood Duck Radio

These super Mood Floating Duck Radios are just £14.99 each.

Out of stock

Turn her head to turn her on and to adjust her volume. Tune her in by twisting her tail. Change from AM to FM by pressing her wing. Press her other wing to turn on the integral led lights and watch her change through 7 different colours. She is water resistant and is weighted so she will float in your bath or sit in the shower with you.

Requires 3AAA size batteries (Not included).

Measuring 13.5cm long x 13.5cm tall

This is "Tranny" the great AM/FM Duck Radio. This radio floats in your bath or is equally happy sitting in the shower with you. Turn her head to switch her on and to turn up the volume and twist her tail to tune her in. Change from AM to FM by pressing the waterproof switch in her wing. She is water resistant and requires 3AAA size batteries (Not included). Measuring 13.5cm long x 13.5cm tall.

Tranny AM/FM Duck Radio

These fab Duck Radios are just £13.50 each.

Ducky Soaps Orange and Green

Orange sold out, sorry


These cute Ducky Soaps are approximately 190g each and are available in 4 colours as shown.

They are just £1.95 each.