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Duck Buying Guide


Firstly there are basically 2 types of ducks:-

Weighted - Float upright all of the time as in our Racing Ducks. These ducks are often used in duck races and are commonly used for Hook-a-Duck by adding a small hook to the top of the head of the duck.

Un-Weighted - Normally have a small hole in the base which is often a "Squeaker" hole. These ducks will not normally float upright and the ones with the squeaker holes in will eventually take in water.

Sometimes these ducks will have a very small pin hole in the base from when they are moulded, as in our Deluxe Economy Plastic Ducks. These ducks will float, but may not necessarily float upright. They are very popular for duck races when often many thousands of ducks are sent down a river or stream.

What are they made from?

The vast majority of ducks these days are made of Phthalate Free PVC 1, but some are made from Latex Rubber like the Lanco Ducks. They can also be made from LDPE plastic commonly used for blow moulding.

More coming soon.....

1. Phthalate - phthalate plasticisers were banned in children's toys some years ago. All of our ducks do NOT contain these plasticisers.

All of the ducks that we sell are tested to EN71 toy standards and carry the CE mark to show that these products meet EU safety, health or environmental requirements.

All of the ducks that we sell are certified suitable for children of 36 months upwards unless otherwise stated.

We do not sell ducks smaller than 4.7cm long as we believe smaller ones could represent a choking hazard for young children.