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This superb photo is of the staircase at the Runnymede-on-Thames 4 star hotel in Egham Surrey, on the banks of the River Thames near Windsor. This display of ducks, from Justducks, came about because the hotel logo incorporates a duck. As a result of demand from the guests, the hotel now sells a selecton of ducks!

Many thanks to the Runnymede-on-Thames for the photo.

In the lounge

Valli Hammer

Valli Hammer from Illinois USA with some of her fabulous collection of rubber duckies. Valli's collection is, possibly, the 2nd largest collection of rubber duckies in the world. 2nd only to Charlotte Lee of who now has around 2583 unique ducks!!

Many thanks for sharing them with us Valli.

Moet guards Valli's ducks

Moet 'guards' some of Vali's collection

In the Bathroom

Lori's collection & it's growing!!

Now....this collection is a bit special!!! These ducks belong to Lori Goodman of, aren't they cute, and Lori & Greg also own 2 Pekin ducklings. That's them on the right and below. They are male and female and the male is called Double Trouble, that's him on the right of the photo, and the female has now been named Munchkin or her "Sunday" name is Miss Munchkin!

Lori & Greg also have a 24/7 web cam where you can watch the progress of the ducklings. Aren't they fabulous....thanks Lori.

Munchkin (Left) and Double Trouble (right) .."You looking at me??"

Just 2 Days old Aaaahhhh!!8 days old

Photos by courtesy and © Live

This great picture is of Duck Dan from Mississippi in the United States, with some of his fantastic duck collection. Gako is the duck standing in the middle.

Thanks Dan. We look forward to seeing the rest of your collection.

Duck Dan and some of his giant ducks

Rachel's Collection of Deluxe and Luxury Ducks

This collection of Deluxe and Luxury Ducks belongs to my daughter Rachel and includes the coveted LV Duck. It is a complete collection although when this photo was taken there were a number of ducks away on vacation!!


Lily Rileys collection of Bud Ducks

We are pleased to add this collection of Bud Ducks, which belongs to Lily Riley from Marlow in Bucks, to the Duck Pond. A great collection Lily, thank you.

All pictures ©JustDucks Ltd 2005 - 2014. Not to be reproduced without out written consent.
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