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Duck Pond 2

The ducks are everywhere!

"This collection was started by Lieve Reyniers at the end of 2004 with a little red Esprit duck. Some time later her boyfriend (Den Hermans) joined her with collecting rubber ducks. Ever since this Esprit duck, she kept buying rubber ducks when she saw them. In the mean time, she allready has more then 430 rubber ducks in her collection! The collection contains all 15 Royal ducks, all the Deluxe ducks (including Superduck and Luxury aka Louis Vuitton duck), all the Luxury ducks, lots of rubba ducks, a Bountyhunter duck, RocknRoll ducks and lots of other ducks (glow in the dark ducks, changing colour ducks, devil and angel ducks, normal ducks, tongue ducks, and so on.) You can visit some pictures of her collection on following webspace:

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They are still very happy with their room full of ducks and enjoy them every

And here!
"Bud" Ducks.

They are even up here!

Lieve & Den live in Belgium. Many thanks for sharing your collection with us.

More "Bud" ducks, and an imposter!!
"Bud" Luxury Ducks displayed on their boxes.
They even invade the table
"Bud" Pamper packs on the middle shelf.
More ducks
Every corner is taken up with Ducks
"Royal Ducks on their shelf.

They are off!!

When I received an email asking for 30 Giant Ducks I wondered what they were going to be used for. Well, I soon found out. Jon Spencer Smith from St. Hugh's College Oxford was organising a Duck Race to follow "Torpids", an inter-college boat race which took place on the "Isis" in Oxford on March 4th, where the idea is to "Bump" the boat in front. Ouch!!! How much do those boats cost??

Photo call for most of the entries.
"Skater Jan"

The ducks were all painted by their sponsoring Colleges. As you can see JustDucks was asked if we would like to enter a duck, which we were pleased to do, as all the proceeds went to charity.

"Come on, you can't get out yet!"

I believe that they all made it back safely!!

"Percival" JustDucks entry

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