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Duck Pond 3

This lovely collection belong's to Emmanuel Bonassi from France.

Many thanks for sharing them with us Emmanuel


Emmanuel Bonassi's ducks collection

.Please click on the photo for a larger image

The duck collection in the offices of the Bond Man in South Africa
I know that this collection, which was sent to me by Cathy Van der Weele Office Manager The Bond Man in South Africa has grown now since this photo was taken and that they are now in new surroundings too. We look forward to seeing how the collection looks now. Thanks for sending it in Cathy.

Nikki Pain kindly sent in this picture and said, "The giant ducks were a huge success at our summer party. We gave them away as prizes for the best (and most original) 'splash' of yellow. The lady on the right turned two of the small ducks (which we used as the invitations) into earrings!

Thanks again



No, Thank you Nikki for sharing this great photo with us.

Prize winners at the summer party

  Ducktivity in Australia  

What a novel idea, these lovely pictures of the "Ducktivity" were sent to me by Thomas Knight in Australia. They are lighting up and unveiling the "Ducktivity" in time for Christmas.

Please click on the pictures for a larger image.

Prince Twink
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