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Duck Pond 4


Duckfest 2006

Rantoul, Illinois United States Septembeer 2006

Entrance to the Hotel and conference centre
Gus (left) and Dan walk with "Duck Feet"

Gus and Dan "racing" on Duck feet.


Ellonyia with her winning "pile" of duck

Ellonyia with a winners smile
Fun in the pool with 2000 ducks
Fun in the Pool
Charlotte & Marcel (Duckplanet owners)

Charlotte and Marcel in the hot tub


Ducks for sale!!!

Ducks for sale!!
  More fun with 2000 ducks!  
More fun with 2000 ducks!
Mary in Ricks red tub

Mary in the tub


Rick sits with some of his 2000 ducks

Rick Bobier with his 2000 retired "racing" ducks
Valli and Sheila - co organisers
Co-organisers Valli (left) and Sheila (right)
Young Duckfesters

Young Duckfesters


Ellonyia's medal for winning the trivia

and duck tower building

The medal which Ellonyia won
  Many thanks to Valli, Dan and the late Doug Labidee for the photos. For a full report and more photo's go to DuckPlanet  
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