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Duck Pond 5

The Great Duck Caper

Question: What do you do with 3,600 plastic ducks?

Answer: Fill up your mates Mazda MX5 of course!!

That is what Rich Leigh did when he and his mates wanted to play a trick on their friend.

Click on the photo for the full story of the Great Duck Caper.

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Yoshi with all of his ducks

This dear little chap is Yoshi or "Sir Yoshi" as he is now affectionately known.

Yoshi is a Japanese Chin and lives with his Mom and Dad, Carol and Ronnie and his sister Cookie in Connecticut USA.

Yoshi with all of his ducks including his old long neck Lanco
One day I received an email from Carol to say that Yoshi's favourite toy, an old Lanco Duck, was just about on it's last legs and that she had been trying to find a replacement for ages. We duely sent out 4 new Lanco Ducks for Yoshi and he is now a happy little chap once again as can be seen by these lovely photos that Carol and Ronnie have kindly sent to us. Apparently, Yoshi takes his ducks everywhere with him! Many thanks Carol & Ronnie, it was a pleasure to help such a dear little chap.
Yoshi with one of his new Lanco Ducks

These photos are from Stockport Grammar School.

They hold a House swimming gala if you take part you get a small duck. The best boy and girl swimmer in each age group gets a larger duck and the 6th former who has given the most over their 6 years receives a special Duck (e.g. Superstar Duck)

Stockport Grammar swimming Gala participants.

The Duck swimming awards

The "Awards"

William Gray proudly displays "SuperStar" duck which he was awarded for swimming Butterfly for the house every year despite not being a "Swimmer"

Well done William and to all of you at Spockport Grammar.

My thanks go to Miss Sharon Withington for sending in the photos.


William Gray with his Superstar duck, which he was awarded for swimming butterfly every year


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