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Duck Pond 6

So that's what 165,000 6cm ducks look like!! All of the ducks in the lock just prior to the start of the 1st "Great British Duck Race" which took place on the river Thames at Hampton Court London on 2nd September 2007 and broke the Guinness World Record for the largest number of ducks launched in a charity Duck Race.

Floella Benjamin OBE at the start

32cm Duck with a VERY large family!

John McCririck tries commentating on the race!

With a helping hand from Authority!

Stewards paddle through 165,000 ducks at the start

They're off!!

Spectators line the banks of the Thames

The mass surge into the river Thames from the lock

The lead pack passes under the bridge at Hampton Court

BIG Mamma Duck (7ft tall) waiting at the finish for her little ones to arrive!

Mike Scott of The Great British Duck Race displays the winning duck No. 157791 which won £10,000

The recovery operation gets under way.

More strays are rounded up by canoe (No not the young lady!!)

A helping hand from the "Law" to recover some "strays"

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