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Duck Pond 7

This Page is dedicated to Hook-A-Duck of one sort or another!!

To buy ducks for Hook-a-Duck please click here

Concentration all the way here

These photo's of the Mitsubishi Fork Lift Challenge were kindly sent in to us by Lynne Gray of Grays Forklift Services in Aberdeen Scotland.

Talk about Hook a Duck with a difference!!.

The ducks used here are our 21cm Large Yellow Duck.

"It was a very popular challenge on the day and the forklift didnít stop for a break in a total of 9 hours!!"

Wow, I would love to have a go at this!!

Many thanks Lynne.


The bath of ducks waiting to be "hooked"
Gently does it
One more duck is hooked!

Hook-a-Duck Giant style, courtesy of HMF Cranes Peterborough Now this as what I call Hook-A-Duck. When I was asked for a number of Giant 32cm Ducks for Hook-a-Duck I just had to ask what they were using as the hook....well HMF Cranes of Peterborough manufacture Lorry Cranes and Grabs and wanted them for their Giant Hook-a-Duck at a recent exhibition............ Up to TOP

Hook-a-Duck with a difference, coutesy of HMF Cranes Peterborough

Many thanks to Richard Everist, HMF's Managing Director, for sending in the photos. Up to TOP


Yvette Price-Mear with her Hook-A-Duck stall rasing money for The Pet Bereavement Support Group.

While we are on the subject..........

Now this is a more sedate form of Hook-A-Duck. Yvette Price-Mear "mans" her stall, which uses our 21cm Ducks, at a local fundraising event.

Yvette "runs" where you can read all about the "antics" that she and her family and friends get up to in order to raise funds for her charity The Pet Bereavement Support Group. Yvette is a remarkable lady and her wonderful website and fascinating books are a "must" to see and read

Thanks Yvette for the lovely photo and we wish you all the very best for the future.


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