These delightful ceramic Funky Disco Pig Moneybanks have a rubber bung in the base to remove your coins.

They measure 7.5cm long x 6.5cm wide x 7cm high and are available in 6 colours as shown.

Only £3.99 each Pink & Blue out of stock

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Make saving Fun with these delightful Posh-Pig Piggy Banks. They are by Bud© and are made of rigid PVC construction. Each one is presented in it's own designer box. They have a "half twist" access plug in the bottom for taking out your stash!

These are the remaining Mini pigs. They measure approx. 9.5cm x 6.5 x 6.5cm

Mini Pig Stardust

Mini Pig Stardust

In Stock Only £5.95

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Large Piggies below measure approx. 14cm long x 10cm wide x 9cm high.

Special offer on all of the large Pigs..Now just £8.50 each on remaining stock

Street Pig Black Money
King Pig

Baby Pig

"This litte piggy went to market!"

In Stock Only £8.50

Street Pig

"Black Money!"

In Stock Only £8.50

King Pig

(please note this Piggy bank is brown)


In Stock Only £8.50

"Nothing like a pig in a kilt!"

Mc Pig

"Nothing like a pig in a kilt"

In Stock Only £8.50


These are "Chromed" Ceramic Piggy Banks They are 13cm long x 10cm wide x 11cm tall. They have a rubber bung in the base to remove your coins. They are available in Silver only

They are just £6.95 each.


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