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Christmas Duck Keyring

Christmas Duck KeyChain.

The duck is 5cm long.

Just £1.95 each.

This Valentine KeyRing Duck.

Now only available as 'Hope Hugs and Kisses' Duck. They are 4.5cm x 3.5cm x 3.5cm



New JustDucks Key Ring coming soon!

This is our own cute Duck Key Chain.

The duck is 4cm long and is mounted on a high quality chain with a quality split ring fitted on the end.

85mm overall length.

Fully CE tested.

£1.25 each

They are on offer at just £1.00 each

New JustDucks Key Ring coming soon!

Doctor, Postman and Chef Key rings

These 3 great Duck Keyrings are all made of PVC with a quality chain and split ring.

The ducks are 4cm long and the duck and chain are 10cm long.

They are Doctor, Chef and Engineer only

Just £1.25 each

Select Style

Cop, Engineer and Fireman Key rings

Angel Duck and Devil Duck Key Rings

Angel Duck and Devil Duck Key Rings are 4cm and 4.5cm long. They are on high quality chains and rings.

They are just £1.85 each.

Angel Duck sold out

Devil Duck

These cute Duck Key Chains are 4cm long and come in three colours as shown on the right.

They are just £1.25 each!!

Yellow only

Select Colour

Quackers Key Chains

Keys not included!

Pink and Blue sold out