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Please pay a visit to this fabulous site and 24 hour web cam which specialises in Real ducks. See the world famous Duck Cam, 24/7 and keep track on the progress of Lori & Greg's 2 (not so baby) Pekin ducks, "Munchkin & Double Trouble" on the Duckling Diary. Also find everything that you ever need to know and lots that you didn't know that you needed to know about keeping live ducks. Great site!! Not to be missed..

Silver, Red and Yellow Gold Brooch ęSarah Parker-Eaton

Silver, Red and Yellow Gold Brooch

Length: 10cms

ęSarah Parker-Eaton


This site is fantastic....must be seen..brilliant craftmanship (or should that be craftswomanship)....Thanks Sarah for introducing it to me...

Plankton Art is the result of a collaboration between designer makers Louise Hibbert (working with wood) and Sarah Parker-Eaton (working with silver and gold).
They have designed and produced
joint works since 2002 when they realised that much of their inspiration had a common theme.
Of course, they also continue to design and make works

Pyle Pekin
This lovely Pekin Bantam is one of many featured on This great site is owned and run by Tamsyn in Bedfordshire in the UK. Tamsyn breeds and shows her Pekin Bantams, Ducks and Turkeys.

Forum's etc. for collectors of rubber ducks. Home of Charlotte, the Guiness Book of Records holder of the largest Rubber Duck collection in the world in 2003 & 2007, now numbering over 2600 unique ducks!!


This is Archie and he is one of the ponies and horses that are given a home at The Epona Trust. They are a charity and they need all the help that they can get to home and look after these lovely creatures both in France and the UK. As their website says "A pony that walks through our gates looks forward - never back".

Please visit their website and help if you are able.



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