Occupation Education & Graduation

Earners and learners, unite

Cleaning Lady Duck


Keeping the pond sparkling!

Mechanic Duck


Can he fix it ?

Painter & Decorator Duck

Splashing colour around the pond!

Builder Duck


Consducktion is the name of the game!

Handyman Duck


He's a helpful handyman…

Miner Duck


Going underground….

Boss Duck


In charge of the flock!

Computer Geek Duck


He doesn’t get out much!

Policeman Duck


Keeping order in the pond!

Hair stylist Duck


Vidal Quacksoon?

Business Duck


Getting down to business!

Firefighter Duck


Protecting the pond!

Gardener Duck


Making the pond gorgeous!



Busy weeding the pond….

Waiter Duck


Duck a L'Orange??

American Cop Duck


Have a Good Day!

Farmer Duck


Keeping the ducks in a row!

Chef Duck


Cooking up a treat…

Graduation Duck


 Studying for a ducktorate.

Karlsruhe Supreme Court City Duck

Proud of his German heritage...

Dental Nurse Duck


Looking a bit down in the mouth!

Waitress Duck


She will take your order and give you the bill!

Judge Duck


How will he sentence the duck in the dock??

Chemist Duck


Mixing potions...

Nurse Duck


Let me take you under my wing…

Surgeon Duck


Under the knife….

BookWorm Duck


Favourite author J.G. Mallard?

Doctor Duck


Expert diagnosis from the Doctor Duck!

Consultant Duck


A duck a day keeps the ducktor away!

Fitness Trainer Duck


No time to rest!

Sailor Duck


Land Ahoy!

Bell Boy Duck (red)


At your service….

Explorer Duck


He's paddled around the globe!

Newspaper Duck


Read all about it!

White Sailor Duck



Bell Boy Duck


Remember his tip…

Bus Driver Duck


The wheels on the bus go round….

Lifeguard Duck


Keeping the pond safe…

Reporter Duck


Always looking for a story…

Valet Duck


In charge of parking in the pond!

Top Gun Duck


Watch out for Maverick!

Kiel City Duck


Proud of his German heritage...

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