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"A lot like you and a lot like me"

All of these Ducks are weighted and "Float Upright"

They are each presented in a designer box (Unless stated otherwise) which measures 13cm long x 9cm deep x 15cm high. They each have a tag around their necks stating the date that they were "hatched" and a unique verse about themselves.

Please click on the images to see a photo of them in their designer boxes.

See other pages for special offers on Rubba Ducks!

Please note: These now carry a £0.50 / type handling charge to help towards the packaging as they are heavy.

Rubber Ducks DuckSlope

Duck Slope is always ready for the Piste!

Just £6.45


Rubba Ducks Deetah

This is Deetah ..another Wild Duck!



Rubba Ducks Duck-a-Doodle-Doo

Duck-A-Doodle- Do is one of the old designs.

Just £6.45

Sold Out


Rubba Ducks Duckhappy





Rubba Ducks Duckee Hill

Duckee Hill is another high flyer

Just £6.45


Rubba Ducks Duckee Love

Duckee Love well, what can I say!

Just £6.45


Rubba Ducks Spicee

Spicee one of the 1st Wave of Rubba Ducks. "Spice & Hot"

Just £6.45


Rubba Ducks Duck Frost

Winter's coming it's Duckfrost Brrrr! it makes you feel cold looking at him!

Sold out

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