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Our brand new website is on its way!

Due to our very large family of ducks this is taking longer than we thought but it will be worth the wait!

In the meantime if you can't find what you want on the website just give us a call.

Also don't forget that many of our ducks [including some of our character ducks] can be printed with your own logo.

We can also design and produce your very own duck if you want a larger quantity.


This is a super set of 'Quackers' Mini Commando Ducks The ducks are around 5cm long and supplied as a set of 4.

Just £5.99 per set.

Quackers Bath set 3 pack

This 'Quackers' Bath ducks set comprises 1 x 8cm long and 2 x 5cm long ducks with squeaker holes in the base are presented in a mesh bag.

Just £3.95 per set.

Now available in YELLOW, PINK or BLUE

Select Colour


Quackers Bath set 3 pack Pink

Quackers Bath set 3 pack Blue

5 coloured ducks in a row

This is a new set of Ducks 5 in-a-row. They are supplied as a set in a blister pack and each duck is aprox. 6cm long.

Just £6.99 per set

Out of stock

This is Mother Duck and her 3 babies on her back. When she is not carrying her babies on her back she can hold the soap or sponge for you in the bath. Mum is 18cm longe and the babies are 6cm long.

Just £5.99

Mum and 3 babies Pink with hearts

These are a set of 'Ducks with Attitude" and comprises 3 x 7cm long ducks with squeaker holes in the base. Each duck has a different expression. They are presented in a mesh bag.

Just £6.10 per set.


Pack of 4 Colour Changing Ducks, contains one of each colour, Brown, Orange, Black and Plum heat sensitive ducks change colour when placed in warm water.

Set sold out

Available singly here

Colour Change DuckPack of 4 Colour-changing Ducks