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JustDucks is under new management. Richard and Debbie, Lester and Karen are the new proud owners. We would like to thank David and Carole for entrusting us with this fabulous company that they have so carefully nurtured for over ten years. We wish them a very happy and well-earned retirement and good luck with whatever new adventures come their way!

We are excited to be the new owners and would like to reassure customers old and new that we will do everything we can to maintain the high standards of personal care and attention that were the signature of David and Carole.
Please bear with us while we learn the ropes. We are longstanding practitioners in the Promotional Industry but may take a moment to get all our ducks in a row! The lines are always open, just tell us what you need!

Sorry! Our deliveries may be a little slow while our ducks settle into their new warehouse! Normal services will be resumed very shortly but in the meantime do tell us if your order is urgent. We won’t let you miss a special occasion!

We are still counting our ducks so some of the stock level indicators may not be accurate. Please call us for stock availability.

Bride and Groom Wedding Ducks


This is our brand new pair of Deluxe Bride & Groom Ducks. They are each 8cm long x8cm and 9cm high respectively. They are presented as a pair in a beutifully decorated acetate box.

Just £8.99

Special offer at Just £7.99 for the pair.

Now available as B&G, B&B and G&G

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Deluxe Bride and Groom pair

Deluxe Bride and Groom ducks in presentation box

Deluxe Bride & Groom Ducks in presentation box

6cm Bride Duck6cm Groom Duck

This pair of Funky Bride & Groom Ducks are 6cm long x 6cm high and of course come as a pair. They are presented in their own acetate boxes.

Just £5.49 for the pair.

This pair of Flashing Bride & Groom Ducks are approx 6cm high and of course come as a pair and are presented in an acetate box.

Just £5.99 for the pair.


Flashing Bride and Groom set


Lanco Bride and Groom Ducks

This is Lanco Bride & Groom Ducks. They are 8.5cm tall and 8cm long.

Just £8.99 pair.


Bride Key Ring

Bride Duck KeyChain.

The duck is 4cm high.

Out of stock

Groom Duck KeyChain.

The duck is 4cm high.

Out of stock

Groom Key ring